National Child Identification Program
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Every year in the US, over 800,000 children go missing with 450,000 running away, 300,000 abducted by family members, and 58,000 by non-family members. In 2022, there were 176 incidents of school shootings. To help parents prepare, Sarasota Fingerprints is offering National Child Identification Program Kits, approved by the FBI.

This kit allows parents to take, store and control their child’s fingerprints/DNA in their own home.

The kits include:

  • Step-by-step instructions detailing how to take a fingerprint
  • An area to practice fingerprinting
  • A standard fingerprint area that can be used by law enforcement
  • Applicator containing inkless fingerprinting solution
  • Sections for recording the child’s physical description and identifying marks
  • Sections for recording medical professional phone numbers
  • Space for a current photograph

After fingerprinting the child, most parents find it easiest to place the card back into the envelope, if the envelope was destroyed when opening, simply place the fingerprint card in a plastic sandwich bag for safe keeping.  We find most parents keep it with important documents. The national Child Identification Program recommends against storing the cards in a safety deposit box, as you may not have access to it when needed.  Fingerprints are produced using a clear inkless solution, patented process, that leaves no messy black ink or residue on fingers or clothes.

Parents don't to be fingerprint experts – a black fingerprint appears quickly on the identification card when the clear inkless solution makes contact with the coated fingerprint section of the card.

The price of the kits will be $10.00 + tax each and can be purchased online by clicking the button labeled "Order Form" below.

Mike Mahoney
January 31, 2023